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April 2018

The Society plays a lead role in coordinating volunteer fire fighting, rescue services and emergency preparedness on Saturna Island.

SIFPS coordinates emergency medical services and fire protection services on Saturna Island by supporting a dedicated group of Emergency Medical Technicians and Volunteer Firefighters in their work. We do this as an Incorporated Society representing on behalf the residents and property owners of Saturna Island.

With 45% of the Island under the management of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, we also work closely with the National Park in wildfire management, and on a regional level with the Provincial Emergency Preparedness Program. Saturna’s Emergency Services Building #1 houses Parks Canada Wildfire fighting equipment as well as emergency preparedness infrastructure such as the building’s radio communications facilities.


Notices and Updates:




Date: Saturday – November 3, 2018

Time: 9:15 a.m.

Location: Emergency Services Building 01

download Agenda here

Introduce: New Recording Secetrary, Sandy Nelson

Welcome to Guests – J.H.

1. Call to order – JH

2. Today’s meeting minutes prepared by Sandy Nelson

3. Approval of Agenda as circulated – J.H.

4. Approval of July 25th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes as circulated – J.H.

5. Business arising from September 15th, 2018 Board Meeting minutes

– Draft policy regarding purchase of red jackets – Deb S.

– New “No Public Parking” signs installation- still to be done –Brent S.

– Report regarding operational agreement with CRD for services within Saturna’s Regional Parks – John H./Eva H.

– Report regarding renewal of SIFPS/SIVFD agreement – John H.

– Report regarding renewal of Parks Canada Wildfire & SIR agreements (2) – JH

– Have we been able to talk with Tsawout First Nation regarding fire protection on IR7? – Brent S.

– Report on Command 1 loose steering and new 2nd battery – now fixed – Wayne Q.

6. Correspondence. – E.H./J.H.

7. Fire Chief’s Report – Brent S.

8. SIR Chief’s Report – K.V.

– Report regarding water taxi ambulance issue

9. Financial Report – E.H.

– Actual to budget up to Aug. 31, 2018

– Discuss new Crest radios and Financial implications

– CRD 5-year budget discussion needed

– Financial Policy lift from table

– New Restricted Capital Fund and amount – lift from table- Eva H.

10. Asset Management & Operations Committee Report. – W.Q.

– New motor for roll-up ambulance door

– Repair to broken septic line and alarm/pump out DONE

– ICBC vehicle insurance

11. Corporate/Administration Committee Report – Deb S.

– Discuss new policy for volunteers being Board members

– Discuss policy for “in camera” meetings – lift from table

12. Communications Committee Report – H.J.

– Has fire permits information on the website been corrected? – Harvey J.

– Scribbler article to be submitted regarding homeowners’ water storage tanks having fire hose connections – Bill S.

13. Human Resources Committee Report – Priscilla Z.

– Letter sent to volunteer as a reminder regarding HSA criteria

– Report regarding awards

14. New Business – J.H.

15. President’s Report J.H.

16. In Camera Session

– Approve September 15th, 2018 In Camera meeting minutes

17. Return to regular Directors meeting

18. Discuss next meeting dates – January 5th or 12th, 2019

19. Adjourn

An e-mail providing the agenda for upcoming Board Meetings will be sent to all members of SIFPS 10 days in advance of the meeting date using e-mail addresses on file. If you have not received these e-mails, and wish to receive future e-mail notices from SIFPS, you can be placed on the list using the link below:

Similarly, if you are on the list and do not wish to receive future notices, use this link:



Photo – News Updates

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In this web site you will also find information about

  • the governance and funding, including financial statements, of the Society
  • membership information and application form to join the Society
  • volunteering with the Fire Department and Saturna Island Rescue
  • links to fire prevention and emergency preparedness

Photos on this site by Judy and Rick Tipple, Patricia Sims, Al Razutis, John Wiznuk, and Ingrid Gaines. 
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